The Edge Programme

Orley Farm has a rich history but this is not what makes us unique!  We pride ourselves on educating pupils beyond entrance exams.  Our curriculum is designed to offer breadth in order that we are not simply another London Day School that crams a child to clear the bar.  OFS pupils are three dimensional, with curiosity for learning and the skills to fuel that thirst; a moral compass that offers values for life and a co-curricular programme that embeds a desire to always look for new interests.

All of this is aimed to ensure that our children will lead rich and fulfilling lives, whichever path they choose to tread!  We call this the Orley Farm Way and a core aspect is delivered through our innovative ‘Edge’ programme.

The programme is unique and has been developed in house, its aim is simple; to provide our pupils with a wide range of activities, presenting them with opportunities to learn and experience many different aspects of life.

The programme is subdivided in to 5 sections: Work Place Skills, Service, The World Around Us, Life Skills and 13 Things to do before 13. Each section takes five weeks and using a rotation programme, will be completed in small groups.

Please take a look at our Edge programme for:

Year 5

Year 6

Year 7

Year 8


Ceri Davies

Head of the Edge Programme