The Edge Programme

Orley Farm has a rich history but this is not what makes us unique!  We pride ourselves on educating pupils beyond entrance exams.  Our curriculum is designed to offer breadth in order that we are not simply another London Day School that crams a child to clear the bar.  OFS pupils are three dimensional, with curiosity for learning and the skills to fuel that thirst; a moral compass that offers values for life and a co-curricular programme that embeds a desire to always look for new interests.

All of this is aimed to ensure that our children will lead rich and fulfilling lives, whichever path they choose to tread!  We call this the Orley Farm Way and a core aspect is delivered through our innovative ‘Edge’ programme.

The programme is unique and has been developed in house, its aim is simple; to provide our pupils with a wide range of activities, presenting them with opportunities to learn and experience many different aspects of life.

The programme is subdivided in to 5 sections: Work Place Skills, Service, The World Around Us, Life Skills and 13 Things to do before 13. Each section takes five weeks and using a rotation programme, will be completed in small groups.

Karen Harrison

Head of the Edge Programme

 ESB Junior Medallion

  • The English Speaking Board Junior Medallion is the top grade for junior pupils. Also known as Grade 1 when mapped against other speech exams on the national scale.



Each group will work towards the nominated charity for the term.

  • This will involve education about charities and why they are part of society, planning, organising and running a money raising event e.g. cake sale.
  • Providing publicity, posters, 2 min assembly slot etc.


    • Basic yoga techniques
  • Focus on relaxation techniques

Veg/Flower Patch

  • Simple veg/salads that possibly can be grown inside etc.
  • Flowerbeds/hanging baskets

Cycling Proficiency

  • Basic bike maintenance
  • Road Safety
  • Practical lessons

Domestic Skills

Pupils will be taught some basic household and personal skills.

  • Hosting a meal
  • Ironing and shoe polishing
  • Basic sewing

Nature / Mini Beasts / Orienteering

  • This is a fluid activity depending on the time of year. This may involve looking for insects using bug catchers, making daisy chains, leaf collecting and identifying. It involves the children getting outside and getting mucky – wellies in winter will be required!


Pupils are taken through a 4 week course culminating with them planning, delivering and evaluating a mini sports session to local primary school children.


Students will be assigned a class for the five weeks

  • Reading with them / activities in yard
  • Eating lunch with them

Chicken Husbandry / Animal Care

Fundamental skills required for the basic care of animals.

  • Habitat and feeding
  • Handling animals

PC Building

Students working in small groups acquire the skills and confidence to identify, maintain and install a variety of computer components.

Life Skills

Looking at what pupils may need when they move on from school. What you need to think about when you are moving out of home for the first time including looking for a property to rent, budgeting, getting a part time job.

Public Transport

Providing pupils with the tools and confidence to travel safely on public transport.

  • Planning and undertaking journeys on the London Transport system including Personal Safety

First Aid

The course will follow the ‘St. John’s Ambulance Teach the Difference Level 1’

  • Using videos, role-play, demonstrations and numerous practical tasks to deliver the program
  • A St. John’s Ambulance certificate, valid for three years, is issued on successful completion

Music Outreach

Using the medium of music, pupils are encouraged to work with people who may not have the weekly opportunities to develop and enjoy singing and movement.

Media Studies

In the Media Studies Edge sessions, pupils are transformed from media users into media producers. Working together as they learn to master newer types of technology, the pupils produce a wide range of media including:

  • Podcasts
  • Videos
  • Live online broadcasts

Contact the Elderly

Visiting elderly people and appreciating the benefits to both parties.

  • Visits to a local care home with supervised contact
  • Hosting a tea party which the pupils will organise


This is a fluid activity depending on the time of year.

  • Putting up a tent
  • Cooking outdoors
  • Hiking


Pupils will be provided with basic instruction on the use of DSLR cameras

  • Importance of light and framing
  • Understanding depth of field
  • Producing a photo book of their work


  • Simple meals will be prepared and eaten
  • Meal planning and healthy eating