Future Schools

Your child’s formative years are precious and as you will see and feel from visiting us, we pride ourselves on educating the whole child and preparing them for life well beyond their time with us.  A key part of this approach is develop and celebrate the unique characteristics and skills of each and every pupil.  Therefore, one senior school cannot and will not fit all.

NW London has some of the very best senior school options in the world but all too often parents take advice from the car park and even from certain social media websites!  We pride ourselves on knowing our pupils and helping to guide parents according to their child’s strengths; this is a well proven recipe for happiness and success.

We enjoy very close relationships with the dozens of feeder schools in this area and beyond and this is evident in the huge turnout that we have at our Future Schools Event for parents, held every two years.

Orley Farm pupils come preloaded with a great work ethic, creativity and a real willingness to throw themselves into our opportunities – it’s why we want them to come to us!


A Senior School Headteacher


Click below to read about the awards and offers that our pupils have taken up over the past years:

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