School Counsellor

A young person’s life is more complicated than it has ever been before. The pressure ‘to be’, ‘to do’, ‘to act’ a certain way is causing many young people to struggle with the demands of modern day life.

The School Counsellor provides a safe, neutral, non-judgemental environment for young people to explore their feelings and emotions. They offer specific support to individuals, as well as groups of children across the school to support and facilitate the work of our Pastoral Care Programme.

Whether the issue your child may be struggling with is one of loss and bereavement, stress, trauma, anxiety, phobias, anger or fear, social or family issues such as the divorce or separation; the School Counsellor is able to support them to come to terms with, and overcome the struggles that they are experiencing.

Pupils can self-refer or alternatively, parents and staff can refer through the Pastoral Care Team in order to see the School Counsellor.

Additionally, pupils are offered a lunchtime drop-in service where children can come to talk about things that are troubling them informally.