Positive Mental Health and Wellbeing

Across every aspect of our school, we believe that developing pupils’ resilience to successfully manage adversity and flourish in life is as important as academic education. By cultivating the happiness advantage, our pupils accomplish their goals and aspirations. 

We give our pupils the happiness advantage by drawing on the principles of Positive Education. Positive Education is the practical application of Positive Psychology within an educational setting combining best-practice teaching and pastoral care with the science behind happiness and wellbeing. Underpinned by growth mindset principles, this highly regarded branch of psychology focuses on building pupils’ wellbeing and the skills that will enable them to flourish in life. We strive to equip our whole school community with positive mental health strategies drawn from the research of the world-renowned psychologist Professor Martin Seligman and his PERMA model (extended to the PERMAH framework) of wellbeing.