Aims of the Classics Department: to instil the inherent interest and excitement of the ancient world and its powerful influence on modern languages, culture and thought.

At Orley Farm School, Latin is far from a dead language but a flourishing and vibrant subject that is popular with the students. As stated in our aims, the Classics department encourages students to explore the culture that has influenced our society and investigate the many wonders of the classical world, both linguistically and historically.

The Latin language is taught from Year 5 to all levels of Common Entrance and Scholarship. Classical Greek is offered to the more able linguists as an after school activity

Even though the ancient languages are taught formally in Upper School, Classics features throughout the School. Taking advantage of the range of cross-curricular opportunities Classics offers,  students in Middle School study aspects of Greek and Egyptian society as part of their History course as well as ancient gods, heroes and monsters as part of their English skills on characterisation.

Outside the classroom, we collaborate with other departments for day trips; for example, the trip to Verulamium generates explorers and archaeologists of our Year 4 students and the Year 6 trip to the National Gallery allows students to explore Greek Myths through art. Further events such as guest speakers, theatre trips and Classics Day are organised to promote the subject in its own right, reinforcing its continuing relevance in education and expanding the students’ appreciation beyond the syllabus.

The department prides itself on the excellent standards students reach in all areas of the subject, both inside and outside the classroom. Through traditional and more modern methods of learning, we feel that the students value the subject beyond exams; they leave Orley Farm not only with an appreciation for how language works, but also a hunger to learn more about where we come from.


Sofia Clarkson

Head of Classics