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The next Orley Generation!


Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday saw over 160 children coming for assessments to shape the 2015 future of Orley Farm!  I am always in awe of the 20 Pre Prep staff who take such young children, gain their confidence and then bring out the best in them over the time that they are with us.  I did ask Sam Mowle to count up the number of years of service that we have across this group of staff and we stopped when we passed 300 years!

One father commented…

I came here, my brother came here and it set us up for life.  Orley has such an amazing family focus that when I started my family, it was the only school for us…!

This is a powerful legacy and one that makes us all very proud to be a part of, not to mention the privilege.  Having spent some time talking to both the children and parents, I am confident that we have another vintage year in the making…great children and wonderful parents!  Couple this with passionate teachers and we have the ultimate recipe for amazing learning for one and all!

Tim Calvey