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Head of School Election


Last week 12 Year 8 students submitted a cover letter to apply for the role of Head of School at Orley Farm School. Well done to the following pupils for taking this big risk and congratulations to the five shortlisted candidates (in bold) for making it through to the interview process:

Beatrice B. / Emilie D. / Jack D. / Manraj G. / Rasha H. / Herbie H. / Zayn H. / Kinan I. / Rishi M. / Armaan M. / Rohan R. / Sohil V.

These five produced very good speeches in Assembly on Monday morning. All pupils from Years 3 to 8 and all staff are invited to vote on the intranet in the next few days. As the Headmaster said: Remember to read the job specifications before you vote!