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Willy Wonka…Train Rides and Santa’s Grotto!


On Saturday, the OFA put together another extraordinary event that brought a little magic and sparkle to a rather chilly day! Regardless of age, there was something for everyone, as trains took children on wonderful journeys as they clutched Willy Wonka tickets, older children ran stalls that revolved around toys, sweets and good causes and parents enjoyed beverages that warmed the very soul.

In light of some awful world events, it was extraordinary to come together from different faiths and backgrounds with the sole intention of providing some ‘love and wonder’ that will always win over darkness and fear.  This morning in assembly I went looking for some feedback…enjoy the following comments:


‘It was amazing, my sister (younger sibling!) really enjoyed the train and secretly, so did I…’


‘The sport’s hall was full of so much stuff to do…most things involved toys and sweets which was great!’


‘My mum and dad kept trying to help us with our stall but eventually they realised that we can run these things without them!’ – I know the parents and I eventually saw them with mulled wine in their hands…so they got something out of the day!

These events are exceptional and require monumental levels of support and help.  Thank you to the army of mums and dads who joined us on Friday to create such a spectacular day…see the link for more…

Some photos from the day…

Tim Calvey