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Year 2 – Fabulous Finish…!


This afternoon, Year 2 wrapped up their Creative Curriculum topic that has seen them exploring the thermal properties of various materials, working with coordinates, writing explosive creative pieces around Robin Hood and looking at the ethics of robbing from the rich to give to the poor…amongst a host of other rich and deep learning outcomes!

I have been genuinely staggered with the level of writing that your children are producing with such depth and meaning that I can only conclude that the introduction of the Creative Curriculum will have a profound impact upon the lifetime of learning that lies ahead for your children!  I know that staff have had to work extraordinarily long hours, planning these rich opportunities but it was worth it watching you as parents engaging with your children this afternoon.  Well done Year 2, Robin Hood was most impressed…!  You only have to see the photo below capturing the moment that Robin Hood appeared from the woods in the meadow to present certificates to your children…priceless!

Tim Calvey