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Summer Term Beanbag Cheer


Our first Beanbag Cheer of the term followed Olivia and Leena’s display of ambition as they took part of this morning’s Celebrations Assembly.

An open invitation to the school (pupils and staff) to take the Friday morning assembly resulted in a considerable amount of ambition from pupils (although not so much from the people on the chairs at the back!).

Our first candidates did an excellent job and I am very much looking forward to training up the school so I can watch from the back in future months with my cup of tea…

Reasons for nominations this week included; excelling in individual effort to catch up on missed work to allow full participation on the Paris Trip, giving up seats on the tube to members of the public and giving up a lunchtime to tutor a member of staff who has no idea how to do the Rubix Cube…

My ambition for this term is to learn a new skill…Alex I aim to be sitting at the back of assembly problem solving before the end of term!

Mrs Mitchell