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The perfect start to September 2016


I am delighted that Orley Farm continues to seek new aspects of ‘eduction beyond the classroom’ with yet another initiative borne out of staff passion.  At the end of a very busy school year, Mr Du Plessis and Mrs Mitchell teamed up to create Krypton Factor meets Bear Grylls The Island!  The single aim was to bring out the very best in our senior pupils as they prepare for 13+ transfer by exploring aspects of leadership and team play.

Tents went up, food was cooked, challenges solved…some sleep, actually, very little sleep was had before the chickens woke us up and it all started again.  I want to thank the Year 8 pupils for throwing themselves into this new venture with real spirit and a sense of curiosity about their own abilities to inspire and lead.  Make no mistake, this is the start of something that will build and build throughout this year enabling senior pupils to really make the most of their final year whilst being truly skilled up for a future life, both contributing and leading…

Thank you to our amazing staff team who led some wonderful sessions and who also slept out in the meadow…few schools possess a ‘can do…will do’ outlook like this and I am both in awe and very thankful…a great start to the new school year…

Tim Calvey