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Headmaster’s Commendation


Zainali joined me this afternoon to talk through an exceptional piece of English that he produced.  He constructed a mature, persuasive and very engaging letter to Mr Obama asking for funding for an expedition to Mars.  Clearly funds of this nature will be highly sought after and therefore a great deal of research went into this piece of work…if I had the money, I certainly would have been hard pushed not to approve!  Zainail, you have a gift for persuasive writing…use it wisely and good luck to your parents!


Jada Gravesande popped in to show me a book review that she conducted based on the book, ‘Iggie’s House’.  The story tackles challenging issues about racial equality and Jada has clearly understood and taken a great deal from this project.  Well done Jada!


Zak O’Connor joined me to talk through the most amazingly descriptive piece of writing that I have read from the simplest of starting points…’A Goose’.  Zak clearly possesses a wonderful vocabulary and the ability to paint images and scenes with words.  A great read Zak, thank you!


And finally, all the way from her virtual trip to Kenya, Yr1 have transformed their classrooms into a warm slice of Africa, Zena was inspired to create the Kenyan flag using rolled up pieces of tissue paper.  Her attention to detail is really impressive and I suspect that patience and focus were essential!  Well done Zena!


Tim Calvey