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Remembrance Service


Today we held our Remembrance Service to mark the lives of the 73 Orleyans who gave their lives in WW1 and WW2.  This may sound like a strange comment to make but I always find this such a worthwhile challenge each year; conveying the real need to learn from the past and for these lessons to be real in our futures.  It is not easy for adults to reflect upon the sacrifices of the past and therefore, when I look at our younger pupils I do wonder what they take from these messages.  I would certainly encourage parents to talk to their children over the weekend about this service, as this year was especially poignant.

In our Service we heard a diary account read by Niraan from a WW1 soldier depicting the horror and hope of his situation.  We sang as one and looked at photos of boys from Orley Farm from that era, wondering what their thoughts were at that time.  The Chamber Choir sang a beautiful Irish Blessing to close the two minute silence before we closed with a poem read by Aditya describing a modern reflection of meeting a soldier from the past.  In DT our Year 7 and 8 pupils made an individually named poppy for each of the boys who ran through these corridors, played on our pitches and dreamed dreams before losing their lives due to conflict.  We planted these poppies and remembered them…

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Tim Calvey