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Busy books, calendars and playtime…!


I dropped into Yr1 this morning and found a group of highly focused young learners who were engrossed in something called their ‘Busy Books’.  When I asked for more detail, I was told that this was a book where anything could be planned, described and designed abut that teachers couldn’t mark or correct!!!  What a wonderful concept…I believe that certain highly creative companies in London are now offering similar experiences to open the minds of their employees…Miss Porter’s class were dreaming dreams that I hope will stay a part of their lives forever!

Year 1 went on to design their Season Calendars, something to help families get organised and I hope that when they come home, your fridges will look a picture of beauty!  The groups I was watching had finished Winter and were creating very delicate tissue paper flowers for Spring…after the temperatures of this week, I am keen to see Spring!

And finally, a quick stop in Reception playtime revealed a quest to locate those hibernating bears…I love how your children have such powerful imaginations and this can only lead to happy lives…we could all learn a lesson from them!

Tim Calvey