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Christmas Carols…festive cheer


What a lovely way to end the term…Christmas Carols in the Quad!  I suspect that there was less need for the scarves as it has been wonderfully mild but there was certainly festive cheer in abundance.  The highlight for me was the final carol where we, as parents, stopped viewing time through our phones and joined in the singing!

Following this and the earlier Reception Nativity, parents came through to their respective classes to have some quality time with their children looking through the work covered over the past 13 weeks…wow, I’m not sure what I have been doing with my time as my daughter has clearly been more productive, note to self, I need to up my game!  This was a wonderful way to end the term and I would like to thank the Pre Prep staff for their creativity, dedication, willingness to go the extra mile and their desire to make every moment count, thank you, you are a wonderful staff group!  And finally, I want to thank you the parents.  Parenting will always be the most challenging job that we take on and you are a wonderfully supportive of your children.  On behalf of the school, I would like to wish you all a relaxing break filled with joy, warmth and love.

Tim Calvey