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Former pupils bring fractals to Orley!


Natalya Silcott from the Maths department at Harrow School came to Orley to run a Fractals workshop with Year 4 in the gym.  We were delighted to see Kian and Albie, who left Orley a number of years ago, return to help out with this workshop.  For those of you who are unsure…

Fractal, noun

  1. a curve or geometrical figure, each part of which has the same statistical character as the whole. They are useful in modelling structures (such as snowflakes) in which similar patterns recur at progressively smaller scales, and in describing partly random or chaotic phenomena such as crystal growth and galaxy formation.

The Maths department turned out in force and I can even share quite a story of destiny.  Mrs Nyman remembers the day when she changed her allegiance from Geography to Mathematics because her teacher introduced her to ‘fractals’…and she has never looked back since.  I ought to add that Mrs Nyman and Mrs Harrison were both wearing dresses that could relate to fractals…that is commitment to a cause!  Your pupils had a fantastic time and I would like to thank Natalya Silcott for offering such an interesting workshop.

Tim Calvey