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I feel the heat…!


I would like to thank Mr King, Mr Birdi and Miss Hehir for coming up with the idea of putting me on the spot and putting in the technical support in order to make me answerable to our pupils…it’s lovely when staff use our ‘thinking skills’ of taking a risk, initiative, creativity and ambition in order to see whether I can display good judgment, flexibility of mind and resilience!?!

Seriously, I went to bed a little nervous at this idea of being put on the spot by your children whilst on a webcam with the world!  However, I should not have worried as your children are not like MPs and there was enough empathy for all to make it a success.  I was very impressed with the articulate questions that the School Council posed and the manner in which they went about gathering these thoughts from their respective year groups.  There was a great deal of positive feedback from parents who started their day with some insight into how powerful the ‘voice’ of a child can be and these are not empty words – I will action their suggestions as I believe that an outstanding school is shaped and led by the pupil body…and evidence suggests that they know how to improve their educational experience!

We will certainly repeat this and there are plans already to follow through on building an OFS Media Group that will rival the BBC and Sky…for content, talent and honest news…Mr Trump…beware!

Tim Calvey