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Headmaster’s Commendation


Creativity is clearly in the air as today I had some visitors to my office who found very different ways to express their learning.  The Classics department is tackling the very challenging topic of cases and how to remember the differences between them.  Alyeesha turned to baked goods, detailing cases through cookies – very inspiring!  This was a winning formula as she had a little following outside my office!  Sam turned to technology to achieve the same outcome through some very creative programming using ‘Scratch’ to tell an animated story to achieve the same result.  Well done Alyeesha and Sam…

Vianna and Meha followed with some inspired English preps – similar to last week, it was great to see pupils thriving on bringing their learning home.  Clearly Book Week had a significant impact but the quality was exceptional.  Well done, Meha and Vianna…

Thank you all four of you for making my day…exceptionally creative in every way!

Tim Calvey