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Verse Speaking Finals


This morning we enjoyed the Year 6 & 7 Verse Speaking Finals.  As parents will be aware, all pupils have to prepare a poem to be performed and through various stages, each class puts forwards finalists who then perform to the year group and parents, daunting yes but also a fair test of voice projection, knowledge and understanding of the poem as well as that little slice of X-Factor, the ability to deliver the touch, feel and essence of the poem – authenticity in this modern world is a rare but beautiful thing!

Our finalists did not disappoint and I truly felt for Mrs Gascoigne, our stand in adjudicator who had the unenviable task of differentiating between the 15 recitals.  I would like to thank Miss Toyn for preparing our musicians who added to the sense of performance and talent whilst Mrs Gascoigne gathered her notes.

Congratulations to Siya Dawda, winner of Year 6 and Adiran Inpan, winner of Year 7.

But finally, I want to express my pride and genuine sense of awe at the composure of the pupils.  These are exceptional experiences and opportunities and your children are taking them and making the very most of them…

Tim Calvey