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Edge – getting mobile!


I joined Mr Davies and Mr Cato as they started a new session with Year 5 pupils looking at the basics of bike maintenance and how gears and brakes work…not an easy thing to get to grips with!  However, Shivam startled everyone with his succinct and very precise explanation about how and why we have gears…Top Gear did miss out on a top presenter here as I recall the letter that Shivam wrote to Chris Evans a number of years ago…oh well, their loss!

Well done this group, I could see that you were itching to get onto your bikes but a little knowledge can be a good thing as I know from the number of punctures that we had to repair in our staff ride to Paris!  I suspect that there will be some very eager bikers wanting to make the most of the coming long weekend to set out on an adventure…good luck parents!

Tim Calvey