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Summer Term Celebrations


Already this term there have been the usual wide variety of nominations to celebrate the kindness shown by the pupils at Orley Farm.

This week we have had pupils displaying excellent manners on school trips, Aarin, Aadam and Jay who created a new ‘theme tune’ for Celebration Assemblies, children voluntarily sitting with staff for an impromptu chat at lunchtimes, consistent behaviour throughout the year both academically and pastorally and excellent undertaking of the sports captain’s role.

Well done to everyone.  Your contributions help to make our school a wonderful place to be.

Heroes of the week this week were Aryan and Jay, both in Year 7, for their outstanding effort scores.

It was a close call for Form of the Week with 3K retaining, but sharing, the Middle School award with 3C and 7S taking the title for Upper School.

The weekly effort scores look as follows:

Hastings 403, Broadrick 393, Hopkins 381 and Julians 356.  Is it too early to call who is going to win the termly total…..?

There are still some boys who are yet to sit their CE exams and they continue to apply themselves and work on.  However, the results have now come back from our scholars and we are delighted that 81% of the individual subject examination results were graded A or B.

Congratulations to Aiden Whitham who has been awarded an academic scholarship to St.Paul’s.

A very positive start to our Summer Term which is always one that lends itself to celebration!

Nicola Mitchell