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Congratulations…another very successful year!


In the olden days…today was the day when all pupils across the country discovered their results through the ‘Common Entrance’ system.  Traditionally, letters are sent to the respective schools and pupils wait with excitement and a touch of apprehension to receive their news.  I am delighted that the older schools still keep to this tradition as it allows pupils to share a moment that they will never forget.

You will notice from the photos below that the ‘before and after’ is captured wonderfully!  I would like to offer congratulations to Arav, Hanno and Piyeeshan who received offers from St. Paul’s, Harrow and Eton – collecting an amazing 19 A Grades in the process!  From my point of view, the highlight beyond the obvious success in everyone being placed for next year, was watching the shared excitement of peers as they realised that this trio had received their offers!

56 Leavers have been successfully placed in 18 senior schools, with 27 pupils collecting 42 scholarships at 14 schools in the process…pretty remarkable results gained through determination, spark and drive…congratulations to you all!

This completes our applications for 2017.

Tim Calvey