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Summer has arrived…the OFA booked it!


I am in awe of the OFA…who can literally arrange anything and everything from the weather to a flyby from the Red Arrows, a Caribbean BBQ to an assault course!  However, what makes this team truly extraordinary is their creativity and ‘can do’ outlook.  I recently caught Chetan and asked about contingency regarding weather and he simply said ‘what do you want…?’  I naturally replied, hot will do…and hey presto…

I was caught by a number of former families who use this event as a catch up socially for them as well as their children.  The overwhelming comments about the wonderful atmosphere, the varied stalls and activities and the way that children from across the school come together to simply join in, whether to throw water bombs at each other or to throw sponges at staff in the stocks, it’s a day that brings us together!  I cannot thank Narinder, Chetan, Lana or Sapna enough for their endless enthusiasm to strive for something new to bring us together in the name of our community.  Saturday was another remarkable success – it’s wonderful that we have these events as part of regular lives.  I cannot help but reflect upon the awful events in recent weeks that have shown communities coming together through crisis…we need to come together in the good times in order to forge those meaningful bonds.

Tim Calvey