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Pre Prep complete the triple…


The weather held and we managed to complete our third Sports Day of the week under glorious skies.  I simply love the way that Pre Prep pupils throw themselves into competition…some choose to ignore it, blissfully unaware, whilst others give it heart and soul.  However, invariably at the end of each event there are smiles and claps as stickers are awarded.  I even saw some children swapping stickers as they wanted the colours to match…!

I would like to thank you as parents for supporting, I realise that this week is full of commitments but I know that your children love seeing your faces at these all important events.  I would like to thank Miss Hehir for organising 180 children in a seamless carousal of events that asked for speed, dexterity, strength and not forgetting ‘bounce’…those space hoppers offer a wonderful unique competition and I suspect that there were more than a few parents who wanted to have a go…?!?

Tim Calvey