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Vertical Mentoring


This morning Middle and Upper School met in their respective Houses to build on a lovely initiative that Mr King started last year.  Houses are split into smaller groups that contain pupils from Yr3 to Yr8, and a mix of girls and boys.  I am always in awe of the way that our older pupils empathise and lead in a way that is always beyond their years and this is yet another opportunity to help shape and model the best in our community.

I wandered around the various groups as they talked through a series of ‘bullying scenarios’ and what they would do in those situations.  Guidance and advice came from all ages and opened my eyes to the maturity that your children possess in abundance!  As we are building our responses to Anti Bullying Week, this provided a very real and purposeful reason to come together.  The final task was for each group to make a personal pledge about respecting others, something that we will share at the end of the week.  What a wonderful start to the day…!

Tim Calvey