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Year 1&2 Production


The Pied Piper

Miss Mowle introduced this play to a captive audience by saying that it was an ambitious project. Both Miss Toyn and Mrs Gascoigne had taken on a remarkably challenging script and aimed for the stars.

The lights came on and sure enough, the dialogue, pace, movement and musicality were more than ‘demanding’. However, credit to our Year 2 superstars…they hit the ground running and simply stepped up the necessary years! Year 1 sang their hearts out and provided yet more ‘heart and soul’, if that were needed!  The energy was so evident and this at the end of an academic year; parents and staff are rightfully proud of all of you. I would add that there was some superb ‘dance’ woven into the performance, something that featured in Bugsy earlier this term. It’s great to see and I want a ‘dance’ show before September 2015! Miss Edwards, you are laying some important markers for our curriculum as body confidence is essential.

Year 1 & 2, you thoroughly deserve to hit your holiday with a bang! Thank you to all of the staff, especially Miss Toyn and Mrs Gascoigne who make performing for our pupils a love and a passion…

Tim Calvey