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Wind in the Willows…the final curtain call


Wind in the Willows ran for the final night this evening, as the culmination of months of blood, sweat and tears in rehearsals that ultimately came together, as we reached new highs.  Mrs Gascoigne was always concerned about how to follow Bugsy and this was such a different set of demands for a new cast.  However, concerns flew out the window from the moment the curtain opened.  Actors and actresses hit their queues with pace and character.  The principle parts were quite amazing as they truly immersed themselves in their roles.

Well done to the whole cast who achieved something truly awesome tonight.  I have sat next to Mrs Gascoigne through dozens of productions and felt her living the play, line by line, but thankfully tonight, the aisle separated us…nevertheless tonight I sensed a real pride and joy, as potential was reached…everyone knows that Mrs Gascoigne has such high expectations and this is what drives her understudies to reach for the stars!  As ever, the sadness is the thought that tonight brings the end to a wonderful event but I know that memories have been created that will last a lifetime!  Well done and thank you to everyone involved in putting on another epic production.

Tim Calvey