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Middle School Production…


WOW…I was in awe tonight as your children literally lit up the coldest evening of the year!  I dropped into the dress rehearsal earlier in the week and Mrs Gascoigne and Miss Toyn were describing their ‘concerns’ about the pace, the energy, the crispness of lines etc etc…  I am no expert in such matters but time has taught me that Orley Farm actors and actresses have several gear settings built into them through their time at the school and bring in the audience…lights, camera action…and we’re off!

Tonight was another exceptional performance from children who this morning had their usual raft of lessons – I am always in awe of their ability to step from one thing to the next, giving their best at every turn.  The chorus sang beautifully bringing depth to the evening whilst the actors and actresses delivered humour (some above their heads!), pace and a story that had us all enthralled!  The magic of theatre was here tonight and I was really proud watching your children thriving on the stage…thank you to Mrs Gascoigne, Miss Toyn and the Middle School team for a wonderful night at the West End!

Tim Calvey